Send a Cafetalk gift to someone you care about.

Gift cards can be sent via email or by accessing a special link.

Know anyone interested in learning a language?
Perhaps your niece or grandchild wants to join a band and needs some guitar practice...
Give them the opportunity to learn something new
or pursue their interests to a whole new level this season.

With this gift card the recipient will receive "Points" that are valid for any lesson offered on

Students can choose from languages like Japanese and French, or pick up interests like music and yoga.

There's something for everyone!

Limited Design!

Purchasing a gift is easy! You don't even need the recipient's email.

Select your favorite card design, chose the amount of points you want to give and add a personal message and you're done!

If you know the intended recipient's email you can send the card directly. You can also generate special link through which the recipient can access your gift, then send the link via any medium.

Then rest easy! All you have to do is wait for the recipient to join

Recipients will need to have or newly create a student account in order to claim their gift points.

About Gift Cards

  • You can purchase gift cards using your Cafetalk Points.
  • Your points must be valid for 2 months or more to purchase a gift card.

    If you have points that expire within the next 2 months and other points that are still valid for more than 2 months, the points which are valid for more than 2 months will be used to purchase the coupon.

  • The recipient must redeem gifts within one month of issue.
  • The validity period of gifted points is 2 months from the day they were first redeemed.

    This will be stated in the instructions for the recipient.

  • Points will be used as soon as the gift card is sent out. Please understand that it is not possible to cancel the gift card or refund the points afterwards.
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