Get to know Japan: The god of food and seasonal dishes Get to know Japan: The god of food and seasonal dishes

Get to know Japan: The god of food and seasonal dishes

Japan has four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter), and there are special dishes for each season. There is also a culture of offering feasts to the gods in gratitude for food. It is believed that doing so will bring good health and happiness. What are seasonal foods? Who is the god (kami) of food? During this seminar you will get the chance to learn more about Japanese culture.

About the Seminar

Date Wednesday, June 12, 9:00 p.m. (Japan time)
Time About 25 Min
Price: Free
Recording 500 Points (Sold Separately)
Seminar conducted in: Japanese

Hello everyone.
My name is Yuming. and I am a Japanese language teacher & counselor. I am going to give a seminar for the first time. The theme is Japanese seasonal dishes and the god of food. In Japan, each event has its own specific dishes to eat. For example, what do you think is eaten on July 7, Tanabata (Star Festival)? There are also many food-related shrines in Japan. They are all related to a certain animal. Which animal is it? The clue is the "kon-kon" sound. I hope you have a relaxed time while watching this seminar. You will learn about Japanese food and shrines, so you can look forward to traveling to Japan♪
*Because this is before the JLPT exam, we will be introducing N2 level content as we go along.


  • ・Self introduction
  • ・About the four seasons in Japan
  • ・What are the special dishes for each season?
  • ・Who is the god of food?"


Japanese: Intermediate level. Those studying for the JLPT


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