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Self Improvement (自己改善)

Пятница, 17 Сентябрь 2021 r. 14:21

We are always taught to be competitive rather than creative. Competitors rather than creators. The phrase/quote goes like this, "if you are not aware of the solution of a particular problem or a bunch of problems then you are completely worthless" and my phrase/quote goes like this. "if you are not asking questions about the things you are surrounded with then you probably are the person who knows all the solutions to all those questions." Because, guess what? You have committed to your memory that, "putting up more questions will only end up making the problem more complex."
I know that it is easy said then done. I'm aware of that. And I am not going to end this with some cheesy quote. Instead I am going to set up a challenge. And I am also not going to introduce you with those good old challenges you have tried all your life and is still failing you. A 10 day challenge or a 30 day challenge. What I am going to give you is a challenge to work on for your whole life. A challenge which is more progressive and not suppressive.
I'm not going to sit here and relax. I'm not going to do the watching part, I'm no audience. Instead, I'll join you people and believe me, I'll not be able to track you people until and unless you comment your stuff down below. Be true to yourself and your brain. Because that's how creativity is born. Being true to your inner self. And the results might amaze you!
So what you're going to do is, take a pen and a paper. Any medium you feel comfortable with. Take voice notes, use your digital notepad, anything. And write down as much words as you can, which describes you. Which describes your own self. And not just words, things like paragraphs, drawings,  are welcome too. Positive, Negative, anything which is related to you. Come up with a story. Write a Poem. A Short Story, Quotes, Essays, Illustrations, Even Draw if you can because doing this on a regular basis will not only free you up from stress but will also distract you from unneccessary thoughts.

I hope poeple will deliver to my idea of being stress free. I will soon release a self improvement class. In that I will be spreading my knowledge of self-improvement, things I had done and I am still doing that is golding me still. Thanks for reading. Meet you soon!

Stay Healthy

私たちは常に創造的ではなく競争力があるように教えられています。クリエイターではなく競合他社。フレーズ/引用は、「特定の問題または一連の問題の解決策に気付いていない場合、完全に無価値です」のようになり、私のフレーズ/引用は次のようになります。 「自分が取り巻いているものについて質問していないのなら、おそらくあなたはそれらすべての質問に対するすべての解決策を知っている人です。」なぜなら、何を推測しますか?あなたは、「より多くの質問をすることは、問題をより複雑にするだけになるだろう」とあなたの記憶にコミットしました。
私はそれが簡単に言われてから行われることを知っています。私はそれを知っています。そして、私はこれを安っぽい引用で終わらせるつもりはありません。代わりに、チャレンジを設定します。そして、私はまた、あなたが一生試したがまだ失敗している古き良き挑戦を紹介するつもりはありません。 10日間のチャレンジまたは30日間のチャレンジ。私があなたに与えるつもりは、あなたの生涯にわたって取り組むための挑戦です。より進歩的で抑制的ではない挑戦。

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