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Weekly Topic: Who is your most favorite historical figure? Why do you like and respect that person?

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2023, 08:39

Sometimes I think about my life and how hundreds of years ago, there was another girl much like myself trying to make it in the world, with many similar difficulties and wonderings like me (without anxiety over technology, of course).
It's so obvious, but also so amazing to think about humans staying essentially the same for so many years of the earth's existence, with the same desires for food, shelter, companionship, belonging, beauty. Thinking about humanity in this way reminds me that we are all human despite all our differences, and how each person is a unique and interesting artistic masterpiece in their own way, even if most people can't see it.
If had to pick out individuals who I find fascintating or inspire me in my work, I would choose Gladys Aylward, Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov and her siblings, Corrie Ten Boom, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Harada Sanosuke, and others...
But by far, my favorite historical figure is Jesus Christ, born two thousand years ago to give the gift of eternal life to inherently-fallible humans, paying off our debt with His own life, since we can never do it ourselves. No one - not my family, not my best friends, not the government, or anyone else in history has ever done anything for me like Jesus has.
It is a masterpiece too great for words and artistic renderings - but I can try.

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