For those of you who want to enjoy and be excited by the world's cultures: Cafetalk presents!

                オンライン ダンス・バレエレッスンが当たるミステリーチケット大抽選会開催中!! 
                オンライン ダンス・バレエレッスンが当たるミステリーチケット大抽選会開催中!!


A mystery ticket is...

a ticket that allows you to try a lesson for free, handpicked by Cafetalks staff.

Who the tutor will be... that's a surprise until you win! ♪

This is a new tester campaign from Cafetalk to help you encounter a varierty of new tutors.



夏目前!オンライン ダンス・バレエレッスンで

カフェトーク所属の講師による、ダンス・バレエレッスンをご紹介! 新しい趣味としても!日々の練習のプラスとしても!一緒にオンラインで楽しみましょう!

※Lesson packs are not included

There's more...! If you take a lesson with a mystery ticket and write feedback within the set timeframe...
you'll get another mystery ticket on top!

How to apply for a mystery ticket

1. Click the "Apply" button

2. Fill in the application form and send it


募集期間:2022年7月8日~ 7月12日


*We will only contact the winners of the lottery.


Regarding this event


Mystery tickets cannot be exchanged, apart from the following reasons:

*If the lesson the ticket applies to has been cancelled by the tutor

*If the tutor the ticket applies to is no longer providing lessons

If the above cases occur, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to please contact us.

There is no validity extention for mystery tickets or refund of points.

Mystery tickets are linked to the winning account and cannot be transferred to other accounts.


Contact details

Chatbox at the bottom right: "Mystery ticket contact"

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