Cafetalk English Tutor Introduction Chat			
				Cafetalk English Tutor Introduction Chat

Cafetalk English Tutor Introduction Chat with Kathryn K

Meet new English language tutors and learn more about their lessons and their personalities.

English Native speaker, TEFL certified teacher with 3 years of experience from South Africa.

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Grab a cup of coffee and join Cafetalk staff Madeleine for a chat with the new English tutors.

  • Cafetalk staff Madeleine

    Madeleine (she/her)

About the Live Stream


April 25 (Thu) 2024 - 19:00

Time approx 20 - 30 minutes
Price FREE
Recording FREE (available later)
  • English level: Intermediate
  • Slides with text and images will be provided, to make it easy for the student to follow the conversation.
  • Short summaries in Japanese will be provided as well.
Kathryn K


There are more than 100 new tutors who start teaching on Cafetalk every month. Many of them are English tutors.
In this casual talk live stream Cafetalk staff will introduce you to new tutors. We will find out about their background, their hobbies, what got them interested in becoming a tutor, and if they are studying anything themselves as well.

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Join the live stream in real time, ask the tutor questions in the chat and get answers in real time.
Students who participate in the chat will have the chance to win a free lesson with the tutor!

If you can't watch the stream live, you can still sign up to watch the recording later.

How to join

Sign up via the button below

On the day of the live stream, go to the request page and click the "Watch" button to access the live stream.

Cafetalk English Tutor Introduction Chat

Kathryn K
April 25 (Thu) 2024 - 19:00


💡 英语人称代名词:为什麽会显示人称代名词(he/ she/ they)呢?





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