Meditation Masterclass Meditation Masterclass

Meditation Masterclass

From no experience to practicing with confidence. Everything you need to know to
practice meditation at home or anywhere, effectively, on your own.


日期與時間 Fri March 15th, 2024 20:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
長度 約 55 分鐘
價格 500 點
錄影 可觀賞直播或錄影檔
活動語言 英語
Lewis B

My name is Lewis, I am an English martial artist, personal trainer and English language coach living in Yamanashi, Japan. Every year I attend Zen Shugyo at temples around the country. I utilize the benefits of meditation every day in my regular life, but also under great stress as I challenge myself in competitive martial arts.

Meditation can be practiced by anyone, and I enjoy sharing the practice and the benefits with as many people as possible.


Experienced meditation practitioner and mindfulness teacher Lewis will remove any difficulty and confusion from the powerful practice of meditation.

In this meeting you will learn:

  • • How to sit
  • • How to breathe
  • • How to concentrate
  • • Coping with outside distractions
  • • Managing internal dialogue
  • With your questions answered live.

The benefits of meditation include: Enhanced concentration and focus, improved memory and sleep, increased self-awareness and tolerance to pain, reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as measurable improvements to physical health, and much more!


Everyone ready to apply themselves to the practice of meditation and are ready to enjoy the benefits granted by regular practice.


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