Anamika 講師からのお知らせ

I am back with a discount coupon- Thank you for your support!


Dear Students, 

I have been busy for the past two weeks, resulting in limited availability. I truly appreciate your interest in booking my lessons, even during the unconventional hours that were available. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and for those whose requests were declined. For those who managed to take a lesson with me, I apologize if I was unable to provide feedback to some of you.
I am pleased to announce that I am now back to my regular routine, and my slots are open every day of the week. Please feel free to book a lesson at your convenience.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support. As an apreciation towards your support, i am issuing a discount coupon for you. Make sure to use this coupon on your next booking!!
Coupon Name: Thank you for your continued support
Code: 88134a7c
Discount Rate: 14%
For Lesson: Customized lesson
Effective for lessons conducted between: Jun 12, 2024 ~ Jun 29, 2024
(GMT+05:30 Kolkata)