Manning 講師からのお知らせ

Confessions of an Affectionate English Teacher: Curtain Shopping Not Included


My Dearest Students,
It’s getting warmer, and in some areas, the rainy season has arrived. I hope this note finds you in good spirits, or at the very least, not hiding under a desk in sheer terror from earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters. I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt (and slightly humorous) appreciation for all of you.
Firstly, let me say that I am so incredibly lucky to be teaching such enthusiastic students. I love you all, REALLY! Now, before you start planning our next curtain shopping trip, let me clarify. I don't mean "love" in the let's-hold-hands-and-skip-through-a-meadow way (I am married, after all). I mean it in a "teacherly affection" sort of way. Yes, that’s a thing. Picture me as your slightly eccentric, dopey big brother who occasionally quotes Shakespeare ("How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...") sings Beatles songs, and corrects your grammar.
On a more serious note, I want you to know that I care about you not just as English students but as human beings. Some of you have shared very personal and intimate things about yourselves with me, and I am incredibly honored by your trust. It's a privilege to be part of your lives, even if it's just for 30 minutes once in a while.
I understand that life can be busier than a bee in a sunflower field. Between full-time jobs, spouses, children, and family commitments, your schedules are packed. However, if I send you a message on CafeTalk, it’s because I genuinely want to know how you’re doing. No lesson request required! Sometimes, I just miss our conversations and want to check in. Think of it as a friendly nudge from your English-speaking, grammar-obsessed big brother.
Now, let’s talk feedback. If you’ve ever had a lesson with me and I didn’t quite meet your expectations, please let me know—either directly via message or in the public comments. YES, REALLY!  Publicly is fine! I value your feedback, whether it’s glowing praise or constructive criticism. Americans are known for their thick skins and love of honesty. Your feedback helps me grow, improve, and provide better lessons for everyone. It’s like being a doctor—if my advice isn’t curing your English ailments, I need to know so I don’t keep making the same mistakes with others. We’re in this together, after all.
So, to recap, I want to make your learning experience fun and impactful. If I’m getting it right, please let me know. If I’m flopping, definitely let me know! Also, please keep in touch! Even if we don’t meet regularly, please do drop me a note once in a while to let me know you're still alive. When we go months without a lesson, it feels like I’m watching a gripping movie, and suddenly, the screen goes black right before the climax. It’s maddening!
Please consider me a friend as well as a teacher. (Or a brother from a different Mother?) You’d be surprised how much I think about each and every one of you!  It’s usually when I’m in the water, in the shower, or often while swimming laps in the pool. “How can I help Sachie improve her TOEIC listening?” Or “I just had a great idea for a role play for May Liu—I need to write this down before I forget!” And, “Hmmm, maybe Sang can benefit from more Quick Response!” You’d be surprised how much you all occupy my thoughts. I’m sorry but since we've shared a lesson or lessons we have a connection through the universe!! 
I’m looking forward to our next lesson or a friendly message.
Warmest regards, (and humorously),