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NAO.NOW Tutor Interview

Q. Hi NAO.NOW, how are you! Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Can you introduce yourself first?

A. Hello! At Cafetalk, I mainly work with children and give lessons on anything and everything. When I lived in Japan, I worked in kindergartens and nursery schools and met many children. These days, I live in Denmark with my Thai husband.

Q. You offer lessons for children. What kind of child were you yourself?

A. I loved to draw, play make-believe, and play the piano as a child. I remember that when I was in my senior year of kindergarten, there was a costume parade based on the theme of my future dream, and I decided that I wanted to be a teacher at a daycare center. My mother made me an apron and puppet doll, and I walked around wearing a sun visor and a whistle. Who would have thought that 15 years later I would be working in the same place, as a teacher...! As a child, to have dreamed of being involved with children. That there were adults around me whom I admired and who made me feel that way. I had completely forgotten about them. Thank you for reminding me.

Q. You are a certified "Positive Psychology Practice Instructor." Can you tell us what kind of certification you have?

A. Positive psychology is a psychology that has been studied through scientific proof of how to make things work, not why they don't work. I learned tips to help me understand my happiness and emotions and to enrich my life. Positive psychology" does not mean that all positivity is good; it is important to find a balance between negative and positive emotions. Sometimes there are days when I feel like my feelings are game over, but I'm still experimenting with my life and researching ways to take the little positive spices out of my day-to-day! I would be happy to assist you as we search for a better way together.

Q. What do you do when you are not teaching at Cafetalk? Please tell us about your hobbies and interests!

A. I preferred staying inside as a child, but now I love nature. When the weather gets a little warmer, I now look forward to going to the woods and camping. I've grown into a wild adult, wild enough to spend a night in a cabin with no toilet and no water! At home, I like to make things, and my winter hobby is knitting. Once I start knitting, I lose track of time.

Q. Many students are interested in the atmosphere of your lessons. Your most popular lesson, "Let's become a doctor of something you love," is very unique. Can you tell us about this leeson?

A. We started these lessons with the hope that each child would love what they do more. I am often asked, "What do you teach online?" In my "doctoral lessons," I am always learning from the children... Such as the kinds of insects they love, songs they have learned to play on the guitar, and stories about their favorite hot springs. From there, we discuss what kind of lesson we should make, and I always look forward to the time we spend together developing through trial and error, such as, "Let's write a song next," or "Can we make a hot spring at home?" As their assistant, I do my best to help them do what they love!

Q. You live in Denmark! I bet there are many to choose from, can you tell us what attracted you to denmark, sightseeing spots, and what to eat?

A. I am currently living in Denmark. It is the home of the fairy tale writer Andersen, and the fairytale-like streets are fun just to walk around. I love visiting recycle stores. I get a thrill out of visiting stores that sell Scandinavian-designed furniture, tableware, and vintage goods, as if I am on a treasure hunt. As for food, "smørrebrød," an open sandwich with various ingredients decorated on rye bread, is famous as a typical Danish dish. I also recommend "Frikadeller," Danish mini hamburgers, and "kanelsnegle," cinnamon rolls! But the place I actually go to eat most often is a Vietnamese restaurant, where I always ask for pho (laughs).

Q. Lastly, do you have a message for the children, parents and moms you will meet in the future?

A. Thank you to all the children who come to our lessons and to all their guardians who warmly watch over us. I remember, about five years ago, my students asked me, "What is your dream?" And I replied, "To play with children all over the world!" I never imagined that one day I would be able to meet children from all over the world from the comfort of my own home. May there be as many exciting things for the children who will be living in the future that no one knows yet, five or ten years from now! And we adults, let's have fun with the kids together!



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