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				The 2nd Cafetalk Scholarship - Now Recruiting Aspiring Go Tournament Winners

Cafetalk Scholarship Program Round 2
Now recruiting aspiring Go tournament winners!

We began the Cafetalk Scholarship Program on February 24th, 2016 in order to support people who are challenging themselves to try new things via online lessons.

Go has become a hot topic thanks to the recent news of Google's artificial intelligence software, "Alpha Go," defeating 9-dan Go genius Lee Sedol.

The second installment of the Cafetalk Scholarship Program is open to highly ambitious Go players of all ages who hope to win tournaments. We will support your endeavors by covering the cost of your online lessons.

How to Apply

Required Documents
1. Brief summary of your experience (including your experience with Go)
2. An outline of your Go activities (including tournament experience)
3. Your thoughts on Cafetalk lessons
2nd Screening
Online interview required
*It will take approximately 30 minutes
*Business attire not required
Notification of Results
Scholarships Offered
3 maximum (all ages and grades)
Tournament training in the form of 3 to 8 free online Go lessons per month.
Must have taken Cafetalk online lessons before
Motivation and desire to enter a Go tournament
Must be available to take 50 minute lessons at least 3 times a month during the scholarship period (maximum 8/month).
Willingness to be recorded taking a lesson or practicing during the program period for a promotional video (we will be using your Cafetalk username; your real name will not be shared. You will be asked to appear in photos and videos).
Eligible Tournaments
Takarashuzo - All Tournaments
Sho Chu Dantai - National Tournament
Junior Go Tournament
Any other competition that is considered a Go Tournament, regardless of size
(however, it must be tournament held within Japan)
Application Period
3/24 (Thu) - 4/7 (Thu)
We will hold interviews after contacting applicants who have successfully passed the preliminary screeing.
We plan to announce the final results mid-April.
Phone: 050-5539-3419
Email: info@cafetalk.com
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