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The Weekly Economist 15 Aprile 2014

Featured in the Weekly Economist (April 22 2014 issue) in an article titled "Restudying English for the last time"


Cafetalk's greatest strength lies in its wide variety of instructors and courses. In addition to instructors who specialize in English learning, there are entrepreneurs, engineers, actors, and Japanese people who live abroad; people of all different backgrounds.

A Marketplace for Lessons
Kotaro Hashizume, CEO of Small Bridge Inc., the company that runs Cafetalk, explains the site as "an assortment of individual shops where people can sell their lessons." Students take lessons from tutors all over the world and some people are even trying to master specific accents.
Instructors from Japan who can speak English at a native level are especially popular because they can use Japanese to explain the finer nuances of English expressions.

The Weekly Economist 22 Aprile 2014

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