Let's learn about pets! Lesson Campaign 
					Let's learn about pets! Lesson Campaign

Cats, dogs, birds, rodents, horses, and even exotic animals!
Choose your favorite pet or learn more about an animals you didn't know much about!

Practice your language skills while learning about all kinds of pets,
or talk to a tutor in your native language and share your love for pets and your feelings about them.

You can meet the tutors for a one-on-one lesson or join us in our free symposium live streams,
that are happening throughout the month of May.

Also, don't miss our Cafetalk tutors' own pet profiles at the end of this page!


  • 5/19

    English Symposium - Pets!

    Cafetalk tutors from around the world are talking about pets in English!

    Date/Time May 19 (Thu), 2022 17:00〜 (JST)
    Seminar language English 90% Japanese 10%
    *The presentations will be in English but you can ask questions in Japanese as well!
    Price FREE

    Now released! Find the video below!↓



Other Lessons

*Tutors may also continue to offer the lessons after the end of the campaign. Please contact the tutor to find out if you can also book the lesson at a later date.

Cafetalk Tutors and Their Pets

  • Profile


    European cat

    We adopted her from a shelter in 2016 and now she's safe & cozy. She loves kneading on my chest and looks like a maki roll when she sleeps!

  • Profile



    Cappuccino is a playful, funny small dog of 2 kilograms. She was born with only one kidney so she eats a special renal diet. She's a strong little girl who makes everyone happy.

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    Shih Tzu

    Bingo is the name of my pet dog. It's a "Shih Tzu", that means little lion, but there's nothing fierce about this dog. Very friendly and is a great family dog. Enjoys play time with children. Very cute and we love Bingo!

  • Profile

    Lily, Coco, Roco, Zenda

    Lutino Lovebird, Fischer Lovebird

    I've been with them since 4 years. Someone gifted me those birds and then I raised them and I have their babies also. Lovebirds are aggressive in nature and I have 2 types of species Fischer and Lutino Lovebirds and there are many different types of lovebirds but I've only 2 types so I've a good bond with them. Lutino Lovebirds males are little bit friendlier if you train them, otherwise lovebirds are aggressive in nature.

  • Profile

    翔 (Mandarin Chinese: Xiang, Japanese: Shou)

    Pied color cockatiel

    Unless you get a normal color cockatiel, it’s very difficult to tell what sex the bird is just by looking at it. Xiang was around 3 years old when I last had him, and Xiao Dou was a little under a year old. Xiang was very quiet and liked keeping to himself. He also hated new things, so being around strangers or trying to get him to eat new snacks was difficult. Xiao Dou was much more energetic and friendly! He always tried to get close to Xiang, but I don’t think Xiang ever warmed up to him, unfortunately. Xiao Dou was also super noisy… he was much better than my alarm clock at waking me up in the mornings haha.

  • Profile



    Ren is an mountain Degus, also known as the ""singing mouse”. He squeaks with so much emotion. He’s a cute little thing that loves to eat, nap, and be pampered!

  • Profile

    Genki, Vita, Kochobi


    “Kochobi", who had been with us the longest, was very smart and had a graceful personality that made it hard to believe that she used to be a stray cat. “Genki", who came to us about a year before Kochobi's death, is a very gentle boy. On the other hand, "Vita" is a naughty boy. He loves to live freely and play with his big brother.

  • Profile

    Momo, Lemon, Sora

    Cockatiel, Budgie (Budgerigar)

    Momo is a 7-month-old tiny baby. They have a sweet personality with an angel ring floating above their head. They love to chew on straw, and can also sing "Mickey Mouse". I had Lemon about 10 years ago. He was very gentle and good at reading people's minds. Lemon loved mirrors. Sora was a tiny budgie I had about 6 years ago. They were a unique budgie that I still talk about to this day! Sora's had a stuffed alpaca that was his sweetheart.

  • Profile

    Daphne, Katrina

    Pomeranian, Maltese

    Katrina is training to be my service dog. She was born in Russia. She is three years old. She is very shy but very sweet. She is very small. Daphne passed away but I must mention her. She was a master service dog and my best friend. She was a loyal Hachiko in Pomeranian form. She will forever be in my heart.

  • Profile


    Doberman Pincer

    Despite his fierce appearance, Zulu is very kind and affectionate, he has never growled or barked at anyone in his entire life. He is very obedient, but also very energetic.

  • Profile

    Pumika (Puma)

    Common, short-haired black cat

    Pumika came to our family house when my mother was sick. We considered her to be a good luck and a symbol of her recovery. She is a family member, and communicates with us actively. Her favourite treat is Easter ham. She's really like a member of a family and more like a spoiled daughter! :-)

  • Profile


    Toy Poodle

    Born on April 15, 2021, his name “Donkey” was inspired from the movie Shrek. He is a loyal friend who consistently sends joy and positive energy to everyone.

  • Profile


    Cocker spaniel x poodle mix

    Louis is named after King Louis XIV. His favourite thing is to run around outside and chase his ball. He also loves attention!

  • Profile


    Russian Blue

    Moinmoin means "Hello" in the dialect of Northern Germany. His personality is like his name: friendly and sweet. Still, he can be shy with strangers before he gets to know you…

  • Profile


    South American horned frogs

    He is shy and hides inside his favorite house during the day. At night, he comes out of the house and sings loudly in the hope of attracting a loving female frog. Occasionally he climbs on top of the house, and he squishes the house because he is too heavy.

  • Profile


    mixed breed, looks like a Border collie

    Always looking forward to her two walks every day, and waits at the door when it's time. Loves to play with her ball.

  • Profile

    Pancho, Calmera, Pied Grande, Niebla, Triste, Padrino

    mixed breed

    Pancho: Loves to swim like an otter.
    Calmera: Loves chasing basilisks.
    Pied Grande: Only his face looks like a labrador.
    Niebla: Mother of the family. Loves catching grasshoppers.
    Triste: The people dog and the carrier of plant seeds.
    Padrino: His personality is just like his name, the Godfather.

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    Chaerin understands our language very well and also expresses her feelings clearly. Although she's cute, she’s a nit shy and sometimes barks when a starnger approaches her. I used to be a professional groomer so I take care of Chaerin’s grooming.

  • Profile


    Toy Poodle

    Karin-chan is almost 12 years old we adopted her 1.5 years ago from my mother in law . She loves to play fetch and run free in an open environment.

  • Profile

    Rio (behind) and Kai (in front)

    Golden Retrievers

    We are two Goldens who love to travel to new countries and go on adventures. We especially love to hike and swim! OOh we also love to eat ice cream!

  • Profile


    Australian magpie

    MP technically isn't a pet, but she'd "call in to say hello" every day, she has one of the most beautiful songs & she looks deep into your soul.

  • Profile

    Ginger, Fuzzy, Lynxie, Simba, Cuddles, Manx

    Domestic shorthair

    The cats in the photo with the three cats are the ones living with my husband and I. Originally we had 6 cats. You can see them in the phot where they are drinking. Simba, Cuddles and Manx have passed away. Manx was their mother. Fuzzy and Lynxie is from Manx’s first litter. Simba, Cuddles and Gingy is from Manx’s second litter.

  • Profile



    Hi, I'm Chop, a little black shiba dog of three years old. I've finally gone through the exciting tunnel of the rebellious period of my life. Actually, I'm the kind of dog who thrives when praised. I'm my owner’s first dog so in the beginning, I had to struggle to make myself understood. Fortunately, my owner is in a constant state of learning and now, we understand each other pretty well.

  • Profile


    Ball Python

    Nancy is a ball python. She is almost 2 years old. She is friendly but a little bit shy. She usually stays in her house which is a very large drawer. At times, she hangs out with my family in the living room. She likes to coil herself in a ball and just stays in a corner of the couch.

Release Date: April 28th, 2022

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