Weddings in India Weddings in India

Weddings in India

How wedding ceremonies across the nation vary depending on culture and religion.

About the Seminar

Date November 30th (Thu) 2023 19:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
Time Tempo previsto: 30 minuti circa
Price: Free
Recording: 500 points (Sold Separately)
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Seminar conducted in: English

I’m Mercy Melba from India. I teach English and Math online. I love sharing the Indian culture with those who are interested and I like to learn about other cultures along the way.


India is a diverse country and the people vary greatly in their culture, language, and traditions. In this seminar, I’d like to give you a glimpse of the wedding ceremonies in India. Yes, it is nothing less than a festival - a celebration that lasts for around three days. I hope you enjoy it!

  • 1. Self Introduction (1 minute)
  • 2. Introduction about India (2 minutes)
  • 3. What makes Indian weddings unique (2 minutes)
  • 4. Wedding ceremony (5 minutes)
  • 5. Religious aspects (7 minutes)
  • 6. Food, Guests and Gifts (5 minutes)
  • 7. Conclusion (2 minutes)
  • 8. Q & A (5 minutes)


Anyone who is interested.

Please note that opinions expressed by the tutor during the seminar are the tutor’s and do not necessarily reflect a general opinion by Cafetalk.

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