The history of Buckingham Palace The history of Buckingham Palace

The history of Buckingham Palace

Now one of the world's most famous royal palaces, let's learn the story of Buckingham Palace and the royals who've lived there.

About the Seminar

Date Wed April 10th, 2024 20:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
시간 About 40 Min
가격 500 포인트
Recording: 녹화 동영상 시청 가능
세미나 언어: English
Hannah N

My name is Hannah, I am an English teacher from Edinburgh. I love history and enjoy teaching English with a historical theme. I find the royal history of Britain particularly fascinating, full of ancient castles and palaces, intrigue and dramatic events. I also love learning about the history of other countries whenever I travel. Besides history, I enjoy yoga and reading.


Buckingham Palace is unusual as it is still a working royal palace, but also one of London's most visited tourist attractions.
Its history is surprisingly modern, it became the home of British monarchy only in the 19th century. However, some of Britain's most famous monarchs have lived there and it has a rich history.

  • • Early origins of Buckingham Palace (2 mins)
  • • The Georgian Era (What is the Georgian era?, Georgian architecture, Jane Austen, Bridgerton) (8 mins)
  • • The Victorian Era (Queen Victoria, The Industrial Era, British Empire, Charles Dickens) (8 mins)
  • • Edwardian Era (Changing fashions, Downton Abbey) (4 mins)
  • • The palace during the First World War (4 mins)
  • • The palace during the Second World War (4 mins)
  • • The present day (5 mins)
  • • Q&A (5 mins)


Anyone who is interested in the royal history of Britain. If you plan to visit Britain in the future this will be a great seminar to help you understand the history before you go, as the topics mentioned come up often in different tourist sites. Rather than just an academic lecture, I will try to make this fun and lively and bring in cultural references such as T.V shows!


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