Words of Love - Understanding Love Expressions in English Words of Love - Understanding Love Expressions in English

Words of Love - Understanding Love Expressions in English

Get in the mood for Valentine’s Day with a seminar about love! Guided by a friendly British tutor, expand your English vocabulary with the natural expressions that we use to communicate feelings of love to the precious people in our lives.

About the Seminar

Date Tue February 13th, 2024 20:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
Time Tempo previsto: 40 minuti circa
Price: 500 points
Recording: Live viewing AND viewing of the recording are both possible
Seminar conducted in: English
Gem C

Nice to meet you, I’m Gem C. I’m from the UK, but I lived in Japan and taught English there from 2018 to 2022. I was born on the 14th February, so I’m looking forward to holding a seminar with a seasonal theme. I hope you enjoy it!


Prepare for Valentine’s Day by learning natural English expressions to convey feelings of love.

You’ll be able to:

  • 1. Master the nuances of popular phrases such as “I love you.”
  • 2. Learn new expressions and how to use them in context.
  • 3. Discover indirect ways of communicating your love to others.
  • 4. Find out about the five “love languages” and join the conversation by revealing your “love language” in the comments.

Let’s have a fun time before Valentine’s Day! ♪ ♡


Adults, English learners who can understand daily conversation, people who want to improve their vocabulary, people who want to understand context and nuance, people who enjoy seasonal themes


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Please note that opinions expressed by the tutor during the seminar are the tutor’s and do not necessarily reflect a general opinion by Cafetalk.

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