TOPIK Speaking Seminar

July 15 (Fri), 2022 8pm (JST)

TOPIK Speaking Seminar

TOPIK Speaking Seminar

There’s an old saying: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Did you know there will be a speaking test on TOPIK(The Test of Proficiency in Korean) starting early fall in 2022? If you are wondering what kind of questions there will be or what speaking level you’re currently in, we’ve prepared TOPIK speaking seminar just for you!

You will get a good score if you prepare for the speaking test starting now. Let’s upgrade your speaking level beyond the conversational level and learn how to speak Korean in a logical and organized way. This seminar will be your guide to your speaking test preparation.

								TOPIK Speaking Seminar

Seminar Information

Date/Time July 15 (Fri), 2022 8pm (JST)
Duration 50 minutes
Price 1,300 Points
Number of Participants 5 people


  1. Test introduction and date (10 min.)
  2. Guide to question types and solve practice problems (6 questions and 5 minutes to solve for each question) (30 min.)
  3. Q&A and wrap up (10 min.)

* Students will be able to practice their speaking during the seminar.

* We will send TOPIK speaking guide and manual files to students participating in this seminar.

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