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Premio "lezioni eccezionali (Autunno/Inverno) 2018"

July-December 2018 Cafetalk Special Event


Grazie per la vostra partecipazione,
siamo lieti di informarvi che abbiamo ricevuto tante votazioni e feedback.
Abbiamo selezionato le lezioni premiate considerando
il numero di voti, il numero di lezioni effettuate ed i feedback.

After carefully considering all entries against the number of votes received, the number of lessons completed as well as student feedback, we are happy to announce that we have arrived at the winners!

Autumn/Winter 2018 Grand Prize
Most Fun Lesson Award
Best Kids Lesson Award
Best Lesson Material Award
Best Conversationalist Award
Rookie Awards

Autumn/Winter 2018 Grand Prize

Lady Ayame

15-minute Free Talk! (American English)
I always take Ayame sensei’s lessons. She is a professional teacher. She tried to find what kind of lesson the students wants, and prepare as soon as she understood it. Her advice always precise and her feedback after lesson was amazing!!! Very polite and detailed. She is also good at making us motivated. I strongly recommend her for the best teacher that I've ever met!!!
***inaRA | Dec 13, 2018

受賞講師からのコメント  Thank you for voting for me and selecting my lesson for the "Awesome Lesson Award!" As an English tutor, I’m so happy to receive this special award! I appreciate each one of you for writing such wonderful "Feedback!” I'm sincerely grateful and honored to receive this recognition!


Foundational Piano for Children U12 [3...
***c2 | Dec 10, 2018

受賞講師からのコメント  Thank you so much for choosing me for this wonderful award! Seeing all my students improve with each lessons always fills me with happiness, and I always look forward to meeting you all in my lessons. I know I still have to work on myself a lot, but I want to continue to offer lessons that bring the joy of music into the lives of my students! I look forward to working with all of you in the new year☆

Sunny 晴

實用視聽華語 1- 5
***i01 | Dec 11, 2018

受賞講師からのコメント  I have been teaching Mandarin for long time. This job brings me many lovely students & a lot of great time. I appreciate your supporting, and hope that your Mandarin will be getting better & better.


50분 렛슨
***i1129 | Dec 10, 2018

受賞講師からのコメント  Thank you so much for voting for me, allowing me to win the Grand Prize of the Autumn/Winter Awesome Lesson Awards 2018. Thank you for all of your support. My connection with my students is the most important thing to me! I look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.

Saya Ishi

Japanese Conversation Plus 5LP
I highly recommend the lessons provided by Saya.
Learning Japanese with Saya is quite pleasant and efficient, and I can learn what I want.
By taking her lessons, I feel I can conduct both daily and terminological conversation in Japanese gradually.
I always have a wonderful time when taking Saya's lesson.
***u.jp | Dec 15, 2018

受賞講師からのコメント  Thank you so much! Thanks to the continuous support of all my students I was able to come this far. I will keep on doing my best to provide fun English and Japanese lessons. I look forward to keep on working with all of you♪

Professeur Nico

Free conversation in French
Professor Nico is a wonderful teacher with a great personality and a teaching style. He is always prepared and also patient so I can recommend his lessons to anyone on any language level who wish to learn French. I cannot wait to take more lessons in 2019 and improve my French! Thank you for the lessons you gave in 2018! ニコ先生はいつも冷静で優しく、そして初心者に対してもとても辛抱強く教えてくださるのでどんなレベルの方にもおすすめできます。まだ受講したことがない方は是非、ニコ先生のレッスンを受けてみてください!
***hie_O | Dec 8, 2018

受賞講師からのコメント  I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and your kind comments. I will always do my best and look forward to our next lessons.


Most Fun Lesson Award


Current news lesson pack of 6!

Lisa D.

Breaking News English - Reading and Spe...
***35 | Dec 10, 2018


Best Kids Lesson Award


***iyuni21 | Dec 14, 2018


Siblings French Lessons
Aurelia is a great teacher and she is always give me lots of fun!!!
She is definitely a super teacher and think students first!
She covers everything important learning French every time and never gets board.
I love her lesson and can’t learn French without her!
I can’t wait to see every week !
She is awesome!!
***kita | Dec 16, 2018


Best Lesson Material Award

Colin コリン

【大人】NHK 翻訳チャレンジ
***iko | Dec 8, 2018


Pack: French, from total beginner to fl...
***l | Dec 7, 2018


Start here! Basics of English Pronuncia...
*** | Dec 12, 2018


Best Conversationalist Award

Miki. Kw

4 Lessons pack
***ey | Dec 16, 2018


5 Lessons Pack World News
いつも楽しくレッスンを行っています。楽しいだけでなくしっかりと最低10個は新しいことを学べるので楽しみながら語彙やフレーズを身に着けることができます。様々なことについての会話の練習ができるのですが歴史やお笑いが好きな方などに特におすすめです。Thank you for always putting up with my various requests, sometimes it is to explain 100 new words for 50 mins and sometimes it is to digress from one topic to another every 5 seconds. It's fun to talk about literally anything because he is open to various topics and knows when to jump in to correct my mistakes. Highly recommend!
**0324 | Dec 10, 2018


Daily Chat Class - 30 Minutes
***ary | Dec 7, 2018


Rookie Awards


Conversation in German 【30 Minutes】

***nheim | Dec 6, 2018

Jackie J.

Guided Conversation
***mura1220 | Dec 8, 2018


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