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Find Me @ Pride Month '23 English Symposium

2023년 6월 9일

Hi Everyone!

I am glad to tell you that I am one of the three Cafetalk tutors who will be part of the upcoming Symposium event on June 13th.

We'll be introducing a book or tv series etc on LGBTQIA+ themes and talk about the importance of celebrating Pride month. By seeing someone else’s lived experience through pop culture media we can see what the world looks like through the eyes of a different person. For people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community it can help them feel understood to see themselves reflected in characters on screen or on paper.

We'll introduce one of the following:

1. a coming-of-age story for teenagers,

2. a novel that has become a cult classic,

3. a comedy-drama that is based on a real story. 


Check out the full details here:

Five lucky students will be selected from the comments during the live stream. The winners will receive a 500-point present after the stream, so don’t forget to comment!
See you on Tuesday...

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