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You have a new coupon! - Let's Write in English!

Jul 27, 2023

Coupon Name: Let's Write in English!
Code: 5ffd0997
Discount Rate: 10%
For Lesson: Proofreading and Native Check (600-2,000 words)
Effective for lessons conducted between: Aug 9, 2023 ~ Sep 7, 2023
(GMT+09:00 Tokyo)
============================ Hello, everyone!

Since I'll be traveling overseas this summer, I won't be able to have Skype lessons from August 8th until September 17th. However, I have two no-Skype lessons that will be open during my travels. 

If you have written something in English, you can send it to me and I will check your writing. If you want to practice writing, I can give you a topic to write about and then check your grammar and spelling afterwards.

The lesson prices are based on the number of words you write. I have one lesson for 600 words or less, and one lesson for writing with more than 600 words (this lesson will have a 10% off coupon during my travels).

If you're interested, I hope you will show me your writing. Take care this summer! 

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