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Vacation and Some Price Increases

Jan 14, 2024

 Hello everyone,

I have two announcements about my lessons.

1. Vacation from 2/27 - 3/12

I will take a vacation from 2/27 to 3/12 and will not accept lessons (including no-call lessons) during this time.

However, I will have extra time for lessons from 2/2 until my vacation. Please check my schedule for more details.

2. Some Lesson Price Increases

Because of increasing cost of living in my area, I have decided to increase the prices of two of my lessons and modify the details of one lesson from 3/12. I hope you can understand and forgive the price increase.

Here are the details that will change from 3/12:

- 15-Minute Free Talk
(600 points --> 800 points)

- Proofreading and Native Check (600 Words or Less)
(700 points --> 900 points)

- Proofreading and Native Check (600 - 2,000 Words)
(The price will be the same, but the range will be 600-1,200 words. Anyone with a higher word count should request two or more of these lessons.)

If you have any questions about these announcements, please contact me anytime. I look forward to having more lessons with all of you in the near future.

Laura P.

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