For Corporate Customers

What is Cafetalk?

Cafetalk is an online language lesson service provided by tutors from all over the world via Skype

Cafetalk is a marketplace of unique, interesting, and practical lessons. Choose from a variety of subjects including English, Korean, French, and Spanish, with prep courses in everything from presentations, interviews, to standardized testing. Cafetalk also offers specialty courses such as math and science in English, discussing the stock market, wine making in Spanish, cooking in Italian, art, yoga, and even voice lessons. We specialize in offering a wide variety of lessons for all hobbies and interests.

Tutors from all over the world! Teaching experts, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, actresses, singers, and Japanese tutors who have lived overseas for a long time. You name it, we have it! Exposing yourself to a multicultural environment will keep you interested and motivate you to continue learning the language.

You can take care of searching for tutors, booking lessons, managing your schedule, and purchasing points, all on

About fees and points

Points must be purchased in order to pay for lesson fees. The minimum purchase starts at 1,500 points. You can choose any of the following payment methods: Bank transfer (Japanese banks and Korean banks only), Credit card, Paypal, Rakuten Payment service and others.

For corporate users, we usually send a bill first and then issue points after confirming the direct despoit payment.

Flow of contracts


Please feel free to voice any questions or concerns after filling out the necessary items. Cafetalk is available to answer your questions through email or telephone.

Telephone Number :

Application and Payment Procedures

As a general rule, we require all users to create a student account in order to take lessons. Payment procedures will be determined individually based on your requests. For corporate users, we usually send a bill first and then issue points after confirming the direct despoit payment.


Cafetalk offers one on one lessons via Skype. Please sign onto Skype approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled time. The lesson will begin once the teacher contacts you.

Follow Up Support

Anyone with a student account may attend a free counseling session at any time. Please consult with us about how to use Skype, concerns over study methods, and teacher reccomendations.

If desired, we can issue course completion certificates and answer any questions you have about lesson contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we pay by invoice?

A. Yes

Cafetalk utilizes a pay as you go system in which you puchase points beforehand and spend them each time you take a lesson. Small Bridge Inc., the company that manages Cafetalk, will issue an invoice and add points to the indicated user’s account after receiving the deposit.

Q. Can you issue course completion certificates?

A. Yes

Please contact us and let us know what kind of information you would like included in the course completion certificate.

Q. If I register as a corporate user, how should I go about setting up my account and reserving lessons?

A. The process will be the same as for general users.

As a general rule, the users must set up their accounts and reserve lessons on their own. If anything is unclear, we can explain it to you individually.

Q. Can you issue receipts?

A. Yes

Please indicate your desire for a receipt when filling out the necessary information on the inquiry form.

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