4th Italian Symposium - Italy Travel Report Center Edition 4th Italian Symposium - Italy Travel Report Center Edition

bandiera d'Italia

Italy Travel Report Center Edition

Viaggiare in Italia insieme🎵
Dove si va? Cosa si fa? Che si mangia?

						Now released! Find the video below!

mappa del Centro Italia


Firenze - Lago Trasimeno - Livorno

  • Km totali percorsi: 341 km
  • Mezzi di trasporto: Auto / Treno
in auto
Firenze - Lago Trasimeno
122 km
tramite A1/E35
Lago Trasimeno - Livorno
219 km
Tramite SS 68 di Val Cecina
in treno
Firenze S.M.N. - Castiglione Del Lago
e.g. 09:04 → 10:46
Durata 1 ora 42 min
Firenze S.M.N. - Livorno Centrale
e.g. 13:28 → 14:48
Durata 1 ora 20 min (5 fermate)

July 3rd (wed), 2024 19:00~ (JST)

FREE / approx. 40 minutes

Italian 85%
Japanese 15%

Directly from Italy, Cafetalk staff members Linko and Yuko will bring the “Charm of Italy” directly to your home!

  • Cafetalk staff Linko
  • Cafetalk staff Yuko

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Towns in Central Italy to visit

Alberto Alberto
Paola Paola
Lago Trasimeno
Federica S. Federica S.

Popular lessons by the participating tutors

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