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When we first started out Cafetalk was a website with a few registered tutors.
Now it has grown into a platform with around 3.000 tutors and more than 150.000 registered students.
In order to build a more consistent brand image in line with the diversity of our users and the services we offer,
we have created a new brand identity.


Cafetalk logo
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  • After

In February 2022 Cafetalk released a new brand logo.
The concept behind our logo has always been to show that Cafetalk online lessons are
"as easy as having a cup of coffee, and a fun way to learn about a new world in the midst of your busy life."
The logo was redesigned to be simpler and more consistent,
while retaining the traditional form that has been popular since the beginning.

The cup symbol has been changed to cleaner shape, and the logotype uses a font that is more easily readable.
In addition, the overall roundness of the design expresses the fun of Cafetalk,
where you can easily connect with the world online.

Cafetalk Color



The Cafetalk color orange represents the excitement of starting new adventures
and the connection and warmth between people,
which can be felt even when they are far away from each other.


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