Legal Notice

Business Owner
Small Bridge Inc.
Address: 3F SHIBUYA SOLASTA, 1-21-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043, JAPAN
Tel: (81)50-3647-0019
Price of Goods
Our company provides matching services to our users, and in return users pay a matching fee.
  1. Our matching fee is calculated as the difference between the service fee (paid by the recipient of the service) and the lesson fee.
  2. The service fee is determined by the tutor and is defined in points. What fraction of the service fee constitutes the lesson fee will be determined by us on a case-by-case basis with each tutor. The service fee (in points) will be displayed on our site.

The terms "Us", "Our Company", "We" all designate Small Bridge Inc.

"Our Service" designates the service "Cafetalk" which we operate under the URL This is not to be confused with "service" which may designate any service provided by our tutors.

"The Site", "The Website" designates the current website we operate.

"Lesson" General term including teaching or offering information, training students in conversation or performance, giving advice, etc.

"Student" refers to any person who is actively taking a lesson or seeks to take one.

"Tutor" refers to any person who provides or seeks to provide lessons.

A "Lesson Contract" refers to the promise exchanged between any tutor and student with respect to how and when a lesson is to be conducted.

The "Lesson Fee" is what the student pays the tutor (through us) as compensation for a lesson contract.

"Matching Service" refers to the part of our business in which we facilitate and mediate the exchange of Lesson Contracts and payment of Lesson Fees.

The "Matching Fee" refers to the (tax inclusive) fee paid by students to us in return for our matching service, as compensation for providing The Service.

The "Service Fee" is defined as the tax inclusive sum of the matching fee and lesson fees.

A "Point" refers to an electronic unit which we grant to students in exchange for receiving a specified amount of money, and this is what is used to pay the Service Fee.

Costs incurred in addition to the Lesson Price
In addition to the Matching Fee (which is the primary compensation for our business), students are required to pay the following.
  1. Bank charges and other fees necessary to complete a payment.
  2. Lesson Fees
  3. Any costs required to maintain the line of communication required for lessons.
  4. Costs related to the purchase of a headset, microphone, earphones and any other equipment necessary to conduct lessons.
Payment Timing
The validity and balance on your credit card will be checked when you place an order. Your credit card will be charged as soon as we verify your order to purchase points.
Payment Method
Students pay the sum of the Lesson and Matching fees using points purchases from Us.
Payment Methods: Bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, Rakuten Payments
(Points will be issued as soon as payment is confirmed)
Service Commencement
Our service to customers is deemed to commence when a student requests a Lesson Contract.
Point Validity
Points are valid for 5 months after being issued to the student by our Company.
Point Reimbursement
Once-purchased, points shall not be refunded except in cases stipulated in paragraph 25 article 2 of the Student Terms.
Point Refunds
We will refund the points deducted at the time a student requests a Lesson Contract in the following cases:
  1. If the student cancels a request for a Lesson Contract before the tutor sends the confirmation message by email.
  2. If a confirmed Lesson Contract is canceled not more than 24 hours before the designated start time.

A "Point Refund" is defined as the returning of points equivalent to the amount originally deducted as compensation for the Lesson Contract to the students account.

A student may receive the following penalty if they cancels or reschedules a Lesson Contract within 24 hours of the designated start time of the lesson.
  1. Cancellation of a Lesson Contract after it has been confirmed.
    → Points will be deducted from the students account in accordance with the cancellation policy determined by the tutor.
Technical requirements for the use of Skype
For information on the operating system and environment necessary for the stable operation of Skype please see here.
Technical requirements for the use of Zoom
For information on the operating system and environment necessary for the stable operation of Zoom please see here.

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