Tutor Policy

  •  About Intellectual Property Right

    Most objects in our daily life are protected by their each and own rights including copy rights, trademark rights, and portrait rights. Some are registered to the Patent Office, which creates farther legal rights to an independent object.

    It is very important that all Cafetalk users become aware of this crucial issue before enjoying our Cafetalk service. In this page, we would like you to understand our policy concerning all legal rights to the possible lesson materials.

  •  About Copyright

    All composed works, including literature, art, music, photography, film, computer program and such, are automatically and simultaneously copyrighted when created.

    Despite some few rare cases depending on each nation’s copyright laws, most created objects are strictly copyrighted. Thus, one needs an author’s permission when using a copyrighted material for a different purpose. This applies for all commercial and non-commercial activities.


    About the Lesson Materials

    • ・It is against the copyright to use any materials of which you do not own the rights to. Moreover, this also applies if you hand out a copy of the copyrighted material, edit the material, or post publically onto a website even if it is for the benefit of the students.
    • ・Also, there is high possibility of violating the legal rights if you use any web articles such as web newspaper articles that have been posted publicly by a third party without a permission. It applies even if the article has been made extract from the original version, for it may be a violation to the prohibition of reproduction and altering.
    • ・Although copyright policies differ depending on each nation, Cafetalk would like to ask you to be aware that all Cafetalk services are expected to be publicly open as an online service.


    When Using an Image

    • ・When uploading an image to your “Mypage” in terms of delivering an idea of your lesson, it is important to check whether the image is protected by the copyrights.
    • ・Usually the copyrights of the images that have been taken by yourself revert to you. However, the subject of the image may own rights to its portrait and rights to its publicity. Rights to one’s publicity are concerned when using an image of a specific subject or a person that are usually famous or socially popular. Since it is expected to seek people’s interest by using a celebrity’s image or name, rights to one’s publicity will become a problem when profits are made as an effect to this action.
    • ・Please make sure all images that are labeled “copyright free” downloaded from a copyright-free website are used within the permitted limits.
  •  Cafetalk's Opinion

    Most of these rights have not been stipulated as a legitimate law. Therefore, the precedent cases and lawsuits are highly deliberated when legally punishing possible violations. Cafetalk Secretariat would like to make clear that we have no legal rights or authority to judge whether independent material usages are legitimate or not.

    Moreover, if and when a third party including the author of a material file a lawsuit against the Cafetalk users, Cafetalk will neither participate nor compensate. Please be aware that you will be responsible of the possible costs.

    Furthermore, if and when we receive a report from an author concerning a violation to its rights, or an request for cooperation from the investigators, we may release the Cafetalk user’s personal information under a legitimate circumstances.

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