Get your treats at Cafetalk Halloween! TRICK OR TREAT? 
				Get your treats at Cafetalk Halloween! TRICK OR TREAT?

Campaign Period: October 5th, 2023 0:00~October 31st, 23:59 (JST)

Cafetalk Halloween!
Enjoy online lessons for kids!

When you request a lesson from a tutor listed on this page,
write "Trick or Treat" in the comments section...

							When you request a lesson from a tutor listed on this page, write

The tutor might appear with a makeover!

							The tutor might appear with a makeover!

Why don’t you dress up and have a Halloween lesson with our tutors?

Learn and treat!
Learn a lot and get a treat!

List of Winners

***anana, ***tjsdms963, ***ku, ***home513, ***teru, ***uu, ***YEONJI, ***min_student,***ayuura, ***ayou, ***i_n, ***family, ***ginjapan, ***Riko, ***riapple, ***ako, ***iP2708, ***enaaa, ***.m, ***ata.chi

Cafetalk Halloween Celebration! 20 lucky winners will receive a sweet treat x number of lessons!

The gift campaign has ended.

giftee Sweets Box

giftee Sweets Box 200 yen

20 students who take lessons from tutors participating in the Cafetalk Halloween Campaign will receive a giftee Sweets Box worth 200 yen x the number of lessons they take, which can be exchanged for sweets!

If you win 10 times, you will receive 2,000 yen! *Available only in Japan

*Apologies for everyone who lives outside of Japan! If you win the lottery, you will receive 200 points x the number of times you take a lesson!

  • The giftee Sweets Box is a gift that allows you to freely choose your favorite sweets.
  • You are free to exchange multiple gifts with the points you gain.
  • There is no need to download a specific application or register as a member to use the giftee Sweets Box.
  • For more information about giftee Sweets Box, please check the following URL:

If the lesson is by a tutor listed on the website,
you will be eligible for the lottery even if you take a lesson other than the recommended lesson!
Children to adults are welcome! Feel free to take a lot of lessons!

Let’s try to say "Trick or Treat!"
in many languages!

  • Japanese


  • English

    Trick or treat!

  • Italian

    Dolcetto o scherzetto!

  • German

    Süßes sonst gibt’s Saures!

  • Romanian

    Ne dați sau nu ne dați!

  • Chinese (Traditional)


  • French

    Des bonbons ou un sort!

  • Spanish

    Truco o trato!

  • Portuguese

    Doces ou travessuras!

  • Dutch

    Je snoep of je leven!

  • Korean

    사탕 하나 주면 안잡아먹지!

Symposium / Seminar

Important notes about the presents:

  • You can exchange it for any product you like from our lineup.

  • Please check the tickets you received in order to see the number of points you have.

  • Lineup and points required for exchange will vary depending on the gift granted and are subject to change.

  • The point exchange rate varies depending on the product. Please carefully check the number of points required before exchanging your points for a product.

  • Lineup is subject to change without notice.

  • Please note that there is an expiration date for the use of points. Please exchange your points for the product of your choice before the expiration date indicated on the home screen.

  • Points will expire after the expiration date and are non-refundable.

  • Additional points cannot be recharged.

  • No changes or cancellation can be made after the product has been exchanged.

Important notes about the campaign:

  • The giftee Sweets Box gift is only available in Japan. Students outside of Japan will receive Cafetalk points.

  • If the password "Trick or Treat" is not mentioned when requesting a lesson, the tutor will not be able to prepare a costume.

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