Easy Art Suncatcher from Plastic Trash with tutor MariaFT Easy Art Suncatcher from Plastic Trash with tutor MariaFT

Easy Art Suncatcher from Plastic Trash with tutor MariaFT

Do you want to learn about plastic pollution while also learning how to take your plastic trash and make fun art?
This is a fun class for you then! This is an easy art project and you don't have to be an artist to make art with me!
I'll teach you easy steps to make this beautiful stained glass suncatcher. Let's do it!

About the Seminar

Date November 13th (Mon) 2023 21:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
Time About 50 Min
Price: Free
Recording: 500 points (Sold Separately)
Seminar conducted in: English

My name is Maria. I am an American native speaker and experienced teacher that loves teaching conversational skills. I just moved to America from Indonesia and Thailand.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Art Education, a Fine Art Masters's degree from Italy, and TESOL certification. I have been teaching English on several online platforms to people worldwide during my travels for years.

I am also an experienced environmentalist and co-founder of the environmental organization "MicroPlastics JO" and an environmental artist. I am passionate about spreading awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastic pollution by making art.


All you need are a few simple supplies and together I will teach you how to make these easy beautiful earth suncatchers that you can hang in your windows! The best part is you are saving the earth from the plastic that will end up in landfills. You will also learn English words about the environment and how to help the planet!

  • Materials list:
  • 1. Scissors
  • 2. Plastic lids or plastic packaging, thin clear plastic
  • 3. Permenant markers- green, blue, black, brown and any other colors you have
  • 4. Print out of the drawing template (download the PDF here)
  • 5. Choice of twine/jute/yarn/fishing line
  • 6. Stick - small twig
  • 7. Hole puncher or needle
  • Optional: beads, eyelits or other decor


Students above age 10 who speak advanced and intermediate English, who are interested in arts and crafts, drawing, re-using, painting, earth, animals, pollution, science, holistic living and creating


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