Welcome to Egypt Welcome to Egypt

Welcome to Egypt

Would you like to visit Egypt? would you like to know about Egyptian History? Food? famous spots?

About the Seminar

Date Sat June 8th, 2024 18:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
Time About 30 Min
Price: Free
Recording: Live viewing AND viewing of the recording are both possible
Seminar conducted in: English

My name is Karim Farah I work as an accountant and English/Arabic Tutor as a part time hobby and job for about 5 years. I have TOEFL and TEFL Certificates in addition to my Bachelor degree in accounting, I am married and have two kids, a 10 years old boy and a 3 years old girl. I like playing table tennis and football, visiting museums and traveling.


English and Arabic tutor Karim, who also works as a tutor for more than 5 years, is going to give you some information about Egypt

  • 1. My experiences as an Tutor (2 min)
  • 2. Fact file about Egypt (2 min)
  • 3. The top sighseeing of Egypt (8 min)
  • 4. Famous dishes in Egyptian cuisine (8min)
  • 5. Latest museums in Egypt (5 min)
  • 6. Summer in egypt and hot spots for snorkling and diving 10 min)
  • 7. Q&A (5 min)"


People who speak good English, and who would like to travel or know more about Egypt/North Africa.


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Please note that opinions expressed by the tutor during the seminar are the tutor’s and do not necessarily reflect a general opinion by Cafetalk.

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