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Pass the JLPT with Cafetalk!

Do you struggle preparing on your own, not sure who to ask for help?

Would you like to improve your listening comprehension with a native Japanese speaker?

Cafetalk Japanese tutors are professional and experienced and can help you pass the JLPT in one go! d(`・∀・)b

Campaign Outline

1. Apply

Period: Starting now until all spots are taken. Limited to 50 participants.
Conditions: Must be signed up for the JLPT on July 7th 2024.
Approved participants will receive a FREE Cafetalk voucher for taking the first counselling lesson. (A notification will be sent within 1 business day if your application is approved.)
* Please provide your JLPT registration number when applying.

2. Spend 50 days studying to pass the JLPT with Cafetalk!

Book and take customised lessons at your personal study pace.
Campaign period: 2024/05/18(Fri.) 00:00 - 2024/07/07(Sun.) 23:59 (Japan time).
* Please click here for more information.

3. \ PASS! / & receive 35% of spent points back.

Rebate condition: Pass the JLPT on July 7th 2024 and receive the certificate.
After confirming that you have passed the JLPT, based on the number of group registrations, we will return a maximum of 35% of the points you spent on JLPT lessons during the campaign period.
* Please provide your JLPT pass certificate within 1 month after the result is announced.
** Please click here for more information about the point rebate.

Prepare at your own pace and pass the JLPT!

  • Mr. Kuma, passed JLPT N1

    Learned Japanese through self-study only before using Cafetalk. Took the JLPT to obtain a Japanese ability certificate to apply for jobs.

    Cafetalk lessons taken: 3~4 times per week.
    Study goals: Improve vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening.
    Other learning methods: Practicing previous test questions, watching Japanese news.
  • Lucy, passed JLPT N1

    Language school student. Took the JLPT to qualify for a college program.

    Cafetalk lessons taken: Once per week. Mainly improving listening comprehension.
    Study goals: Improve Listening comprehension.
    Other learning methods: Listening to the radio, watching TV and practicing previous listening test questions.
  • Miss J, passed JLPT N2

    Was an exchange student in Japan. Took the JLPT to receive an overall review of her Japanese ability.

    Cafetalk lessons taken: Irregular. Booked a lesson whenever she had some learning concerns.
    Study goals: Practice previous JLPT questions and confirm the answers with Cafetalk tutors.
    Other learning methods: Talking to Japanese friends.

More than 54,896 students are also learning Japanese on Cafetalk with you! (σ′▽‵)σ

Take a counselling and let our experienced tutors create a customized prep plan just for you!

Use the free Cafetalk voucher to request your 1st lesson and have a wonderful start!

* Please note this particular Cafetalk voucher can only be used for booking this campaign's counselling lesson.

Please use this Cafetalk voucher as soon as possible when you receive it so the tutor can tailor your learning schedule as early as possible.

Choose your JLPT lessons according to your goal!

Campaign Details

  • * Important: Only lessons featured on this campaign page are eligible for the point rebate. Please place requests via this campaign page to ensure that you book only eligible lessons.
  • * The lessons need to be taken between 2024/05/18 00:00~2024/07/07 23:59 (Japan Time) to be eligible for the point rebate.
  • * You can request lessons at your own pace. All approved participants will be able to have maximum 35% of the points used for JLPT lessons featured on this page and taken during the campaign period returned once Cafetalk has received and confirmed the participant's 2024/07/07 JLPT test result.
  • * When registering, you can fill in your own group registration code. If the code matches that of other applicants, it will be considered a group registration. Please note that we cannot accept data modifications after the registration.
  • * Group registration points return rates: Individual without group: 20%; Two people: 25%; Three people: 30%; Four or more people: 35%.
  • * However, please note that the maximum point rebate amount is 20,000 points. For example, if 35% of your total lesson cost is more than 20,000 points, any amount over 20,000 points is not eligible for the rebate.
  • * The JLPT lesson content will be different depending on the tutor. Please read the lesson description carefully before making a request. If there is anything you would like to share with the tutor, please use the "Comments" function on the request page to communicate with the tutor.
  • * When applying to this campaign you agree to follow all the campaign rules and conditions. Cafetalk has the right to cancel, suspend, adjust or pause this campaign at any time.

Point Rebate Rules

  • * Please provide the 2024/07/07 JLPT test result to "twteam@small-bridge.com" before September 30 2024 or you will not be eligible to receive the reward.
  • * The reward will be distributed to your Cafetalk account within 3 business days after we confirmed your test result. If it is a group registration, the points return date will be unified as October 2, 2024.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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