Introducing Cafetalk'sNEW KOREAN TUTORS

Check out Cafetalk's new Korean tutors this month!

Cafetalk released new Korean tutors this month.
These tutors have different backgrounds and teaching experiences.
Check out our new Korean tutors and lessons today!

Hi everyone!
This is So Hee. I was born in Osaka and came to Korea 6 years ago. I can have a conversation in Japanese, so feel free to ask me^^
I have been teaching Korean at a language school in a Korean university for 4 years. I also have experience in teaching both offline and online, including Japanese students. I will teach you Korean professionally and fun by utilizing my experience.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Eunhye Kim.
I'm a mother and work in a tour company in Korean.
I've been working at a company for 10 years and raising my children for 4 years.
I also have struggles, but I always try to do my best!
I love traveling, so I am interested in things such as attractions in Korea or traveling to Japan, delicious food, hotels, famous places, as well as parenting and cooking. I am more than happy to respond to conversations with you on these topics.
Hello, I'm a Korean tutor, Cristy, living in Mexico.
I currently work as a freelance Korean tutor and translator.
Because I'm interested in foreign countries and languages, I like having a Korean class with students who want to learn Korean :D.
I can customize my lessons according to your studying goal and preferred lesson style.

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