Introducing Cafetalk'sNEW KOREAN TUTORS

Check out Cafetalk's new Korean tutors this month!

Cafetalk released new Korean tutors this month.
These tutors have different backgrounds and teaching experiences.
Check out our new Korean tutors and lessons today!

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!!
It's your one-pick Kim!!
Korean language is not something to study, but a tool to help you enjoy Korean culture even more!
Let's have fun learning Korean together using your favourite K-POP, K-drama and K-culture!
Hello! My name is Kim Hansol and I am a Korean language tutor^^*
I am from Incheon, South Korea, and I moved to Japan for university and graduated from a Japanese university. As I studied abroad in a medical faculty rather than a language faculty, the language barrier was steep and I struggled a lot. However, through my journey of learning Japanese, I felt that "Japanese and Korean were very similar!" Not only are the grammatical rules similar, but there are also many words with similar pronunciations!
I would like to offer Korean language lessons to everyone based on my main theme of ’learning to understand! and speak Korean! in an enjoyable way^^*,” using my own experience of struggling to learn a language.
Hello everyone!
I am a Korean language tutor, HAJOON. I currently live in Seoul~ (I can teach in Standard Korean!)
I have a favourite saying!
It is "思い立ったが吉日 (strike while the iron is hot)." I am sure most of you are here because you want to learn Korean!
I think today is a good day for you to start learning.Why not join me for a trial lesson now, and experience the fascinating world of the Korean language?
From now on, I will make every day a great day for you. I love Japan, so I studied Japanese and passed the N1 level of JLPT in 2022!
I still study Japanese in my free time!
I am planning to create various lessons using my mother tongue, Korean, as well as my second language, Japanese. So please look forward to it.
Nice to meet you!
I am a Korean language tutor, Lee Hyunsuk. I am happy to meet all of you who are interested in learning Korean. After studying tourism management in university, I studied abroad in Tokyo for a year to learn Japanese. At that time, I couldn’t read hiragana or katakana yet, so I decided to start with the beginner's class.
There are somethings that I learned while studying Japanese.
1. To be confident
2. To speak a lot
3. To have fun learning
I think the reason I was able to speak to Japanese people freely and socialise with many friends after just a year after I started learning Japanese at the beginner level, was because I did these three things. When you learn Korean, don't worry too much about how difficult it might be, but first try to speak as much as you can with confidence. Even if you make mistakes, you will improve from them.

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