2024 Awesome Lesson Awards Raffle Challenge!!

Vote for your favorite tutors and lessons in the Cafetalk Awards and spin the wheel for every vote to win points!

Award Voting Period:
Thu Jun 13, 2024 9:00 - Sun Jun 23 23:59
Japan Time

Play Conditions

  • After you have voted for a lesson you can turn the lottery wheel. It's a no-lose lottery, and with some luck you might even win the top prize of 2024 points!*You can roll once per lesson you vote for.

  • You can play in the lottery until Thu Jul 4, 2024 23:59 (Asia/Tokyo)


First Prize:
2024 Points
(23 Total)
Second Prize:
50 Points
(700 Total)
Third Prize:
10 Points
(777 Total)
Fourth Prize:
5 Points
(1500 Total)
Fifth Prize:
2 Points
(2024 Total)

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Important Information

  • Total number of possible lottery turns: 5024
  • Prizes are limited in quantity. The lottery will be closed as soon as prizes run out. However, voting is still possible even after prizes have run out.
  • You may forfeit any points or prizes won as a result illicit means including, but not limited to, the creation of multiple accounts in order to play.
  • Cafetalk reserves the right to cancel, stop, modify or pause this campaign at any time.

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