Cafetalk 2023 Year in Review

  • Our tutors are from

    92 countries/regions

  • Our students are from

    140 countries/regions

  • Student feedback this year


    (98.96% of it was 4 stars or more!)

  • Live seminars this year

    more than 81

    Recordings for many seminars are available. You can check them out if you missed them.

Symposiums in different languages

Tutors from many different countries joined us to talk with our Cafetalk staff members about language study and culture.
Check them out if you've missed them!

English Symposium

Japanese Symposium

Korean Symposium

Chinese Seminar

German Symposium

French Wine Seminar

Spanish Symposium

Italian Symposium

Online concerts by popular music tutors and a music festival in Tokyo

We were happy to not only continue our series of online concerts in 2023, but also return to organizing music festivals in Tokyo, where Cafetalk students could show off what they had learned with their tutors over the past years, and tutors could show their skills in in-person performances as well.

New speech contests for various languages

At the end of 2023 we started accepting student entries for speech contests in various languages. The recorded speeches by the students will be judged by the most popular Cafetalk tutors in each language category. The results for the first three contests (English, Korean and French) will be announced at the end of December 2023 and in January 2024.

Collaboration with Hapa Eikaiwa

Many Cafetalk English tutors were featured on the popular Youtube channel Hapa Eikaiwa.
Our tutors also participated in episodes of the Hapa Eikaiwa podcast, in the exclusive Hapa Buddies English study group and the quarterly Hapa School, where they helped students practice what they had learned during the 8-weeks intensive study program.

\ Check out the Youtube Playlist /


Cafetalk team

Thank you
for a wonderful 2023!

We are very grateful for another year of wonderful encounters with students and tutors via chats, calls, and in person.

In a world that now more than ever values the flexibility and the easy way to connect through various call apps,
the demand for online lessons continues to be high and we are happy to be doing our part in connecting people
who are eager to learn with those who have a passion for teaching.

Thank you for choosing Cafetalk as your place to learn or to teach.

Your lesson feedbacks motivate us every day to keep making Cafetalk
the best place for you to share and receive knowledge and practice your skills.

We would love to hear about your experiences on Cafetalk from 2023! Please post your favourite experiences and memories on your preferred social media accounts (X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) with the hashtag #mycafetalk2023 (for looking back at the past year) or #mycafetalk2024 (for your goals for the new year)!

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