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Let's a take look at Go scholarship winner Taishi's journey! We'll be bringing you the latest updates via interviews and videos. Congrats on placing 3rd in the Class C, Elementary School division of the Junior Group Go Championship!

Interview #1

Go Background

  • 5 years old

    Began playing Go

    Began attending a Go class based on a recommendation by his grandpa, a ranked Go player.

  • April 2015, Age 6

    Began taking Go lessons on Cafetalk

    Had been taking English lessons, but began taking Go lessons as well after finding a teacher.

  • May 2016

    Became a Cafetalk Go scholarship student Interview #1

    "Improved his Go skills thanks to the spot on advice from his tutors."

  • Jun. 2016

    Competed in Tokyo's Junior Group Go Championship. Placed 3rd in the Class C, Elementary School division

    "Created a team with 3 classmates from his elementary school and worked hard as the captain."

  • Jun. 2016

    Scholarship Program Interview Shoot

    "I was nervous, but it was fun."

  • Oct. 2016

    Upcoming Tournaments

    Taishi plans to compete in the Lotte Kids Go Tournament and other official level determining tournaments.

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