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Cafetalk released new Korean tutors this month.
These tutors have different backgrounds and teaching experiences.
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I found a job at a cleaning company where the recruitment criteria was not so strict even if my Japanese was not perfect, and started making beds at a hotel. After work, I went to cafes rather than libraries to study Japanese. I studied in places where there were as many customers as possible, because I wanted to listen to real life Japanese that the people around me were using. I listened to a lot of radio programs and watched a lot of TV shows in Japanese. My Japanese language skills gradually improved, and I have been teaching Korean since my first year in Japan, and this is now my 11th year. I am currently teaching Korean to 30 students (both offline and online). I try to be as encouraging as possible to help keep my students motivated to learn Korean while having fun. Please join me and let’s study together! I look forward to working with you.
I teach Korean, but I am also a learner of Japanese. Because of this, I understand the feelings of my students who are currently learning Korean. I am constantly thinking about how I can make learning Korean easier. I love to travel, so I hope that meeting with me will be a positive experience for students who love Korean culture as well^^I hope I will be of help to students who are studying Korean and would like to experience the Korean language in a variety of ways outside of textbooks.
Hello! I am a Korean tutor from Seoul, South Korea, and I have been living in Japan for 22 years and counting (as of 2024). After completing my studies in Tokyo, I worked for IT companies in Japan and South Korea, and then I moved to Kyushu 10 years ago, where I now teach Korean in the municipality in which I live in, as well as at a high school. I have experience working for major companies in both South Korea and Japan, so I can also help you with business conversation and translation services. If you are a Korean student studying Japanese, or a Japanese student studying Korean who is intimidated by the idea of speaking with a native for the first time, I will gently explain everything to you in your native language (whether it be Korean or Japanese).

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